Caroline Speirs

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

Caroline is Head of Think Local Act Personal (TLAP), an organisation whose mission is to support organisations to embed person and community centred approaches and to close the gap that exists between the rhetoric of good policy and the reality of practice as experienced by people with lived experience and carers.

Before joining TLAP, Caroline spent over twenty years working in a variety of roles in local government social care departments, including policy, commissioning and leading on personalisation before joining the Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) partnership in 2014 as a Policy Adviser and becoming its Head in 2017.

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What good, personalised care and support looks like from the perspective of the person with lived experience

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) believes that co-production at all levels and across sector boundaries is central to system change and this is reflected in the TLAP partnership arrangement: we have representation from all key statutory bodies, national bodies, national providers, and critically, people with lived experience and carers.

TLAP focuses specifically on three key work areas: Self Directed Support, Care Markets and Quality, and Building Community Capacity. All three areas have obvious connectivity in terms of supporting citizen’s wellbeing and our overarching priorities across all areas are:

To support the spread and scale of innovative approaches
To support a shift to asset-based areas
To embed co-production as core business.

The key framework we use to support this shift is Making it Real; a co-produced framework which sets out what good, personalised care and support looks like from the perspective of the person with lived experience.

This seminar will be delivered in partnership with a member of the National Co-production Advisory Group, (NCAG) who has direct experience of receiving care and support. NCAG is an organisation of people who have lived experience of care and support and who work closely with TLAP to ensure all our work is co-produced.