The route to the future of care

After the incredible success of the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo this year, the gears are officially in motion to organise next years event. There are trends that cannot be ignored by the industry, and these are a big motivation for the continued evolution of the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo. The digital transformation being rolled out cannot be ignored, as well as the recognition of home and community care as integral tools to help meet the increase in demand from an ageing population. With these in mind, there are some groundbreaking new additions coming to the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo.


The Home Care Expo is the UK’s most dynamic event that will inspire a new era of domiciliary care, and will exhibit the latest technology, products and services, offering a chance to find the solutions that will enable your home care business to consistently deliver outstanding quality of care. This will be a unique platform wholly dedicated to everything regarding home care and will be a massive part of the comprehensive care sector event. Discover the future of home care by attending the 50 CPD accredited seminars hosted by industry leaders. To top it all off, masterclasses also give you remarkable access to specialist CPD training opportunities.


As well as this introduction of Home Care Expo, Care Tech Live will be the newest feature of the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo and Home Care Expo. Care Tech Live will be a platform for the discovery of the technology that will shape and mould the future of care. From the future of AI, and how the technology will affect the delivery of care for service users, to the most conceptual robotic products being worked on now. Visitors will be able to investigate the innovative products, learn about their development, and understand how these innovations will benefit the industry as a whole. Visitors will truly be inspired by the future products that will be available to the industry in coming years. Whilst the neighboring events will still provide ample access to software, hardware, and other technologies, Care Tech Live will be an incredible glimpse into what the future of care will look like.


As the Dementia, Care & Nursing Home Expo ran alongside the European Neuro Convention, there were a number of visitors who ventured over to this neighboring event. As such, the European Neuro Convention will now run alongside the care events, providing a clinical look into the rehabilitation process for neuro degenerative conditions such as dementia. This will highlight the importance of care pathways within a clinical environment and in the community, where more and more rehabilitation and on-going care must be delivered. Through dedicated, rehab focussed seminar theatres as well as other theatres dedicated to topics such as diagnostics, brain stimulation and mental health, the European Neuro Convention will provide CPD accredited education for all visitors to benefit from. As well as this, the products, services, and technologies currently shaping modern rehabilitation and neuro research will be exhibited from the finest businesses across the world.


This will all be a part of MediWeek, which will be the UK’s largest healthcare event, bringing together over 35,000 healthcare professionals from across 10 world class exhibitions and conferences. MediWeek will cover the full patient pathway from prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation.


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MediWeek will be also be made up of -

Home Care Expo

Care Tech Live 

European Neuro Convention 

European Oncology Convention

Medical Imaging Convention 

Surgery Convention 

AI & Machine Learning Convention