Rupinder Singh

Kraydel Ltd

Following 10+ years in the private sector, Rupinder Singh joined the newly formed healthcare regulator, Monitor (now NHS improvement) in 2004, working to support the NHS to address challenges and introduce new models of care, focused on community services and early intervention strategies. In 2014 Rupinder joined the Board of a foundation trust in Manchester as interim strategy director, focusing on shifting strategy towards out of hospital care through enabling a shift in investment towards long term and chronic conditions management. Rupinder has supported numerous hospitals and CCGs across the country over the past 4 years. More recently, Rupinder co-founded Kraydel, a health tech start-up which has a singular mission to reduce loneliness and isolation amongst the elderly population. The attached link provides an article about Rupinder, following an interview by the Institute of Leadership and Management, where Rupinder is a fellow.

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The role of technology in addressing Loneliness and Isolation

Kraydel is one of organisations working to address loneliness and isolation, primarily for those aged 70 and over. Strategies which focus on maintaining and improving social engagement have a direct and demonstrable impact on improving wellbeing. Alongside this, the ability to introduce relevant content (e.g.reminiscence content and gamification approaches) present an opportunity to influence the dementia pathway and areas such as mild cognitive impairment.


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