Mrs. E. Zuiderent

Onwijs BV – SovaCare UK Ltd.

Edith Zuiderent has degrees in Literary Science, Education, Strategic Communication as well as an Executive Master.
What does all this diverse experience lead to?
Twenty years of being the proud co-founder and -owner of Onwijs, a successful multimedia company from the Netherlands with a focus on socially conscious entrepreneurship. Since 2008, Onwijs has decided to focus on multitouch technology, developing end-user-focused multitouch solutions for sectors such as healthcare, museums, libraries and education, rebranding itself to SovaCare - Onwijs Multitouch Specialists.
Its flagship product is the ExperienceTable, aimed at the elderly and people with dementia, developed with input and feedback from practical use cases and specialists in the field. Internationally, Onwijs operates under the name SovaCare, with SovaCare UK Ltd being founded as a subsidiary in 2018 specifically for the UK.

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How Multitouch games can improve well-being and mental health of elderly people

One of the challenges in aged care is stimulating interaction with and between residents. The SovaCare ExperienceTable health game software helps break through the isolation of elderly people and residents with dementia.
SovaCare has developed several packages health game applications in cooperation with aged care specialists, and as such numerous care facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium are currently using this software. Residents connect with one another over applications that stimulate memory recall, improve communication, and offer entertainment. During the interactive presentation Edith Zuiderent will show some good practices and discuss how multitouch games can improve well-being and mental health of elderly people.
Reactions from care workers and health managers have been positive overall.


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