Exhibiting at the Home Care Expo is an Artificial Intelligence solution for Healthcare.

We at GIllie believe that artificial intelligence will change the healthcare.
An artificial intelligence that follows an elder patient 24/7 at home will notice even small changes in patient's well-being. It supports and encourages maintaining of good health and when needed, it will guide to meet a health care professional.

As a cloud service Gillie analyzes medical and welfare data, such as notes from nurses and doctors, giving care organisation a real-time assessment of the elder patient status at home.

And as the solution learns patient`s normal trends it is able to detect such deviations that require action, minimizing unnecessary alerts and care actions, giving care organisations actionable insight of their patients.

The goal of the analytics is to indicate deviations related to patient health and wellbeing allowing healthcare organization to direct resources according to the individual need of the patients. This allows the home care patients to continue living longer at home.

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