Exhibiting at the Home Care Expo

Ebisu Health

Using state of the art, leading technology, Ebisu Health have revolutionised the way we access GP's, Counselling, Mental health Specialist & diagnostic medical equipment & services.
Waiting for a home visit or taking a patient to see a clinician or to the surgery can take up time, resources, be costly to the home, not to mention be distressing for some patients who struggle with change or are at risk patients. These could include dementia patients, patients with learning disabilities and many more.
Our Health technology, medical equipment & service caters for the patients and brings healthcare to them. Gaining direct & immediate access to healthcare without leaving the home. Live observation feeds to the clinician throughout the consultation and if medication is required, we will deliver this to the home the following day. Ebisu health has care models to suit each setting and can adapt the equipment & service for each company/home.
Ebisu Health also provides patient/asset tracking devices, smart buttons that can be programmed for any use and a range of health & smart technologies.